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Trekking Mount Rinjani Volcano

Mount Rinjani volcano, Indonesia’s second largest and quite active volcano, is a must see for anyone with a passion for the outdoors. Treks to Mount Rinjani are suitable for everyone, from the very beginner to the very experienced trekker, but we must warn you, none of these treks are easy! Volcanoes, by their very nature and shape are hard going at the best of times, but Mount Rinjani is very rewarding, offering stunning views across the island of Lombok and surrounding islands, and amazing experiences if you can make it to Crater Lake. Mount Rinjani must be the highlight of any trek on the island of Lombok, and Authentic Lombok’s treks are conducted by highly experienced professionals. All trekking groups use porters, so that guests do not need to carry all of the necessary equipment themselves. Authentic Lombok is committed to the future tourism industry on Lombok, and as such every guest must bring back any material, there is no leaving anything on Mount Rinjani. In addition to this, our guides and porters bring back more rubbish and waste than we take in so that over time, there will be no litter anywhere on Mount Rinjani. Here is a sample of treks available… (click each trek to see the full itinerary) Summit Mount Rinjani Crater Rim in 2 days Summit Mount Rinjani and Lake in 3 days departing from Sembalun Summit Mount Rinjani and Lake in 4 days departing from Sembalun Summit Mount Rinjani in 5 days, departing from Sembalun Senaru to Mount Rinjani Crater Rim in 2 days Senaru to Mount Rinjani Crater Rim in 3 days Summit Mount Rinjani Crater Rim and Lake in 4 days via Senaru Summit Mount Rinjani Crater Rim and Lake in 5 days via Senaru Authentic Lombok are happy to cater to groups of any size, so contact us today for a personally designed trekking adventure.
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